NEPAL EARTHQUAKE Relief for the Orphanage

The orphanage in Nepal (which SWALLOW supports) was badly hit by the recent earthquakes. The orphanage was damages and they have to sleep outside. Luckily no one was hurt. They are having trouble getting clean water and food. Please donate to help them fix their home and buy emergency supplies!   

The orphanage was badly damaged, and children are sleeping outside.....

Here are pictures of the orphanage when we visited them in 2013...

SWALLOW Inc. is a registered Canadian charity (BN: 826891525RR0001) with a mission to eliminate poverty and effects of poverty in underdeveloped communities worldwide.

SWALLOW Inc.- Safe Water And LED Lighting Operatives Worldwide Inc.

Core Objectives

To eliminate poverty and effects of poverty in underdeveloped communities worldwide through:
  • Reducing morbidity and mortality rates resulting from water-related diseases through providing access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and proper hygiene training
  • Providing access to information and technology related to alternative and affordable energy and lighting sources
  • Providing access to improved food security and management practices
  • Providing education and vocational training
  • Providing sustainable social and economic development
  • Providing access to information, resources and support in order to raise awareness and reduce mortality rates related to water-borne diseases, HIV/AIDS, maternal health care and malaria