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Guatemala : 2008

Guatemala Biosand Water Filter and Solar LED Light Project (December 2008)

Between December 4th and December 19th, with the help of partnering organizations a 3-person team from SWALLOW Inc. installed seven Biosand Water Filters in 2 villages in a rural Guatemalan municipality of Sumpango. In addition, the team installed two solar powered LED lights in off-grid houses and transferred skills and knowledge in water treatment, water quality, and basic hygiene.

Team Members:
  • Kristina Nelson
  • Jordan D'Almeida
  • Takaya Ono
Partnering Organizations:
  • CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology)
  • Light Up The World Foundation
  • Freelance Missions
  • Servants 4 Him
  • Hands of Hope Clinic
For more details on this project, please download the full report.